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Capture Planning and Management Training

Achievence has built numerous capture plans and participated as capture manager for a number of clients—many, more than once.

Capture planning is the formalization of a roadmap aimed at exchanging information with the prospect to create a bias towards your position/offering. This requires forethought, direction, adjustments and confidence. The Achievence training increases your probability to track the right information, exchange the right information, gather the right information and propose on the right information.

Capture management is the pursuit of an opportunity that has been vetted and assessed as real. Upon completion of the initial capture plan, it is time to start gathering specific information (including the sharing of specific information with the customer) in order to influence the proposal. The importance of influence cannot be overestimated during this phase. Once a proposal comes out, it is probably too late to influence the customer.

In short, the Capture Manager is responsible for:

  • Positioning the company with the customer
  • Knowing the hot buttons of the customer
  • Assessing the competition
  • Building the intelligence network to gain competitive advantage
  • Socializing and formulating the resources necessary to win
  • Developing the preliminary solution with those resources
  • Assessing the probability of win and taking necessary steps to increase
  • Participating in all Go-No Go decisions

The role of capture manager can be learned. It normally takes time and experience to become a good one. It takes persistence, a thirst for knowledge and a highly competitive spirit to become a great one. Achievence trains highly competitive, ambitious professionals who want to become experts in something and builds high-potential capture managers.